Easter for Pets: DO's & DON'T's

Easter is just around the corner and while it's an excuse for us 2 legged people to eat our bodyweight in chocolate it can be a dangerous time for our furry friends!

We should all know by now that chocolate is highly toxic to dogs and can easily be fatal. That means, despite how much they give us the puppy dog eyes and how entrancing they are, DO NOT GIVE IN! Do not give them human chocolate in any form! If you really must give them chocolate, buy special doggy chocolate from your local pet shop.

Whilst we're on the chocolate subject, sweets are also often abundant at this time of the year and can also be very toxic. Lots of sweets now use Xylitol as a sweetener and can be very dangerous.

However, now that we've got the serious stuff out of the way, let's move onto the fun stuff!

Easter is often a time that the kids hunt down Easter eggs in the garden, why not do the same for our 4 legged kids?!

You could use a selection of their favourite training style treats (like THESE) and hide them around the house or garden for a fun enrichment game. You can always hide them in plastic Easter eggs to make it a little more difficult! I did something similar with Lucy in the shop recently, you can see the video below. Great fun and really gets her brain working!


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