Collars with a Conscience 'The Lucy' BioThane Collar

Genuine BioThane USA handmade collar.

'The Lucy' was the very first variation of BioThane that I made for my own dog, Lucy, hence being named after her!

£1 from each sale of 'The Lucy' will go towards Labrador Rescue Selsey. Lucy is a rescue from here and so it's our way of giving back to them!

Webbing widths:

10"-14" will be 16mm
13"-17" will be 19mm
16"-20" will be 19mm
19"-23" will be 25mm

BioThane webbing is Purple and you can pick which hardware you would like, Rose Gold, Matte Black or Neo Chrome.

Please contact us if you would like a different width.

We use chicago screws to attach the hardware as opposed to rivets. Whilst rivets are strong, I wanted to ensure we were going the extra mile when it comes to strength. Whilst we use genuine BioThane and quality hardware you should still always check for wear and tear of the collar to ensure safety of your pet.