Doggo Deli Chewy Selection Box for Dogs

Our Doggo Deli Chewy Selection Box has so far proven to be a massive hit! Containing a selection of chewy, long lasting goodies to keep any dog happy and occupied whilst we have to spend more time at home!

Box contains:

- 2 x Hooves

- 2 x Hairy Venison or Beef Bark (please let us know if either are preferred)

- 2 x Wolf Fish Throw Sticks

- 2 x Chewy Tendons

- 2 x Pizzles

- 2 x Hairy Rabbit Ears

- 2 x Hairy Lamb Ears

- 2 x Braided Lamb or Buffalo Pizzles (please let us know if either are preferred)

- 1 x Pure Pate (variety may vary from that in picture)

- Plus some poop bags as nobody wants to run out of those!

Buy a box as a one off or sign up for a subscription, to be delivered once a month!

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