Dino Doggo Deli Chew Box

Big dog? Multiple dog household? Actual dinosaur living in your house?

Introducing the Dino Chew Box! Our biggest box yet! Retails for over £55!

This box is jam packed with 30 (yes, THIRTY) chews! Not quick treats like sausages and feet, nice big chewy chews! I'm yet to find a chew box with this many longer lasting chews for this price! Don't get ripped off when buying your dog chews, stick to the best :)

Box contains:

2 x Junior Bully Sticks

2 x Buffalo Ears

2 x Pig Ears

2 x Moon Bones

2 x Goat Tracheas

2 x Lamb Tracheas

2 x Buffalo Rolls

2 x Wolf Fish Throw Sticks

2 x Jumbo Beef Tails

2 x Pork Rolls

2 x Meaty Cow Ears

2 x Buffalo Tracheas

2 x Buffalo Tails

2 x Hairy Beef Slices

2 x Salmon Skins

Contents may vary depending on stock levels but will always be like for like.