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Dino Doggo Deli Chew Box

Big dog? Multiple dog household? Actual dinosaur living in your house?

Introducing the Dino Chew Box! Our biggest box yet! Retails for over £55!

This box is jam packed with 30 (yes, THIRTY) chews! Not quick treats like sausages and feet, nice big chewy chews! I'm yet to find a chew box with this many longer lasting chews for this price! Don't get ripped off when buying your dog chews, stick to the best :)

Box contains:

2 x Junior Bully Sticks

2 x Buffalo Ears

2 x Pig Ears

2 x Bully Snouts

2 x Goat Tracheas

2 x Lamb Tracheas

2 x Buffalo Rolls

2 x Wolf Fish Throw Sticks

2 x Jumbo Beef Tails

2 x Pork Rolls

2 x Meaty Cow Ears

2 x Buffalo Tracheas

2 x Buffalo Tails

2 x Hairy Beef Slices

2 x Salmon Skins

Contents may vary depending on stock levels but will always be like for like.


This product contains dried bone so we do not recommend to puppies or very small dogs.