Lucy's Offcuts Doggo Deli Box

This might just be our best value box yet!

1 kilo of chewy treats for just £20!

You might be thinking, why so cheap? Simply put, the treats are not the best looking ones out there... They are still great quality just looking a little more ropey than their regular counterparts!

What's in the box?

- Meaty Cow Ear Offcuts

- Bully Chin Offcuts

- Lamb Horn Marrow Offcuts

- Beef Tendon Offcuts

- Bully Roll Offcuts

- Goat Roll Offcuts

- Turkey Neck Offcuts

- Lamb Roll Offcuts

- Bully Snout Offcuts

Each box will contain a minimum of 5 mixes from the above list.

By using the offcuts, our suppliers can greatly reduce their environmental impact rather than wasting decent products that just don't look as nice!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of offcuts each one will go by weight rather than quantity so for example, one box might have 3 bully rolls another might have 2, it will depend on size/weight/chunkiness etc!

Selection will also vary according to stock levels.