JR Pet Products Beef Slice with Hair 1.5kg

JR Pet Products Beef Slice with Hair 1.5kg

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Here at JR Pet Products we care about your dog’s health and fitness. Our delicious Beef Skin Slices with Hair are 100% natural and are a very popular part of our Primal Range of treats. Air-dried to perfection and completely free of bacteria, these long-lasting chews are packed with flavour and goodness.

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What makes our Beef Skin stand out from the crowd?

Here at JR we believe in keeping it simple, which is why our pure dog treats contain 100% real meat and nothing else. So not only can you be sure you’re keeping your dog in the best possible health, you know you’re giving them something they’ll really enjoy. Ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Key advantages include:-

  • 100% beef skin
  • Long-lasting
  • No additives
  • Bacteria free
  • Great for guilt-free snacking

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