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TUBBIES | Silicone Lick Mat/Bowl | Enrichment for Dogs

Introducing TUBBIES - the perfect enrichment tool for dogs! This Silicone Lick Mat/Bowl is designed to provide your furry friend with a fun and engaging feeding experience. With its unique design, TUBBIES allows dogs to lick and feed at their own pace, keeping them occupied while promoting healthy eating habits.

Made from durable silicone material, this lick mat/bowl is easy to clean and can withstand frequent use. The non-slip base ensures that the mat remains stable during meal times. TUBBIES can be used for wet or dry food or even as a treat dispenser.

The Silicone Lick Mat/Bowl encourages dogs to engage in natural licking behaviour, which has been proven to reduce anxiety levels in pets. This enrichment tool also helps improve oral health by promoting saliva production that helps prevent tooth decay and bad breath.

TUBBIES comes in different colours - choose from blue, orange, green, red, grey or beige - making it an attractive addition to your home décor while providing your dog with an enjoyable feeding experience.

In summary, if you're looking for a fun way of keeping your furry friend entertained during meal times while promoting healthy eating habits and oral hygiene then look no further than TUBBIES! Get yours today!

*ALWAYS supervise your pet with any enrichment tool and remove if chewed/damaged*

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